My Completely Subjective Ratings System

(Not every element I've included in a rating description has to be present in the book in order to earn that rating. For example, a book might get a DNF because it was boring and poorly written but did not have any formatting or spelling errors.)

5 stars - Loved it. Excellent storytelling, characters, plot. Author has exceptional talent. Touched a nerve in a good way. Renewed my faith in humanity/the universe. Made me glad to be alive.

4 stars - Great read, enjoyable ride. Didn't hit me in all the right spots but pretty close. Author above average talent.

3 stars - Average. A bumpy ride. Nice. Can say a few good things about it but also a few bad things. Balanced.

2 stars - Meh. Mediocre. Okay. Blah. Could have put it down (and probably did). Possibly considered not finishing it.

1 star - Poorly written and/or excessive errors and/or lack of research and so on.

DNF - Did not finish.

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