Sunday, 15 November 2015

NANOWRIMO 2015, Next YA book review coming this week

I've been "doing" NANOWRIMO since November 6th. I had a late start, not sure if I wanted to tackle it this year. I'd been aware of NANO since at least 2000 as I knew a lady who was friends with NANO's creator, Chris Baty. That was back when NANO was a wee tiny babe of a thing.

I "won" NANO in 2008 and I "won" it this year as well, though it's not actually over yet. I reached 50,000 words and now I'm just plowing on, writing as much as I can to get back into the swing and feel of writing. It's been difficult because I lost my writing mojo and my vocabulary seems to have evaporated in the face of internet grammerz [sic]. Seriously, I believe that reading stuff online dumbs us down. I had a way better grasp of English when I was reading proper books. I even learned new words! (Fancy that.)

I'll be back to book reviewing this week. I put down The Martian because I just couldn't handle the endless pages about growing potatoes and other mundane things he was up to. I didn't even make it to the exciting parts. I'm assuming there must be exciting parts because the trailer for the film makes it look that way.

I STILL need to finish Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart.

My next review will be of Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, which I can say right now I very much enjoyed. 

And with that, I'm off to work on my novel and at the same time hunt down another YA read!

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