Saturday, 4 July 2015

ASMR: A New Addiction

I recently discovered ASMR quite by chance, although I'd been feeling it for years without knowing it had a name and was "a thing." Now there are folks on You Tube who create videos featuring all sorts of trigger sounds, and I tend to fall asleep listening to them. So each night when I'm done reading a novel or some fanfic, I put one of my favorite ASMR videos on.

Here's my playlist of late:

Brittany ASMR
ASMR. Binaural Ear Cleaning, Massage, Cupping, Brushing, and Gentle Ear Blowing w/ Countdown

Fairy Char ASMR
3D Ear Cleaning with your Audiologist

WhisperingRose ASMR
Facial, Ear Cleaning & Pampering

Raw Tingles: 1 Hour of Mineral Mining - Binaural ASMR
Brushing the Microphone without a Windshield

There are so many ASMR artists online and so many triggers, you just have to try as many as you can to find the best ones for you. ASMR works differently for everyone, and for some it may not work at all, but if you listen to some of these triggers and find yourself feeling a lovely tingling sensation in your body, you've experienced ASMR.

I'm going to create some myself as there are triggers I've noticed not many people use, and some videos don't spend enough time on triggers that work for me so I have to keep rewinding them. For example in the link above for Fairy Char ASMR, if you skip to about 10:00 in the video, there's a fantastic trigger but Charlotte only spends about a minute on it before moving to something else.

Have you experienced ASMR? What are some of your favorite ASMR videos or triggers?

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