Friday, 15 August 2014

Authors Behaving Badly: Sam Taylor Mullens

This is a very strange story of plagiarism. I suppose it isn't all that odd that a person doing something wrong would want to hide it, but in this case there's really nowhere for Sam to hide. The author of the original work (A Bid For Love by Rachel Ann Nunes) called her out and Sam responded in such a bizarre way, making up stories about having received permission from a relative to rewrite the book and so on.

Sometimes you see plagiarism where the person lifts a few words or a sentence or paragraph. We've all seen Cassandra Claire/Clare using unattributed quotes in her fanfiction works and then getting upset when called out on it. Sam Taylor Mullens goes a few steps beyond and follows the original novel sentence by sentence, adding a bit here, taking out a bit there. The work is essentially the same (except for some graphic sex that she apparently added in to distract everyone.) I can't imagine how anyone could possibly defend this book.

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