Wednesday, 16 July 2014

To Review Fanfiction or Not to Review Fanfiction

Sometimes I read novels and sometimes I read fanfiction. Fanfiction is nice because most of it is short and fluffy and lemony and exists in its own little world with its own little rules. Some works are book length and are so well written they deserve to be published. It's not up to me of course, but maybe I will try reviewing a few of them just because dangit, these are undiscovered gems and fantastic authors and they need to be brought to light and shared!

I will present a few different tastings of fanfiction:

  • Reviews of novel-length fanfiction novels published online
  • Reviews of fanfiction short stories
  • Commentary and examples of incredibly strange and badly written fanfiction
  • Commentary and examples of horrible cringeworthy fanfiction story summaries

Fandoms I tend to browse (in no particular order):

Some of these I check more often than others, and I do have a few more popular fandoms I pop into now and again but not regularly -- the Narnia series for one, Star Wars and so on. Mainly I'm reading Walking Dead right now but Hunger Games has been of interest after I watched Catching Fire (I read the books a while back.) 

So expect some fanfiction reviews and whatnot. 

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