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Fanfic Review: Seven Minutes, Seven Years, and Six Kisses by Nmoreblack

Seven Minutes, Seven Years, and Six Kisses
by Nmoreblack
Fandom: Hunger Games

5 Stars

Wow. This is one beautiful piece of fiction. So many times as I read this story I thought the author far exceeded the usual level of talent that shows up on FFN and should be a lot more celebrated than folks like S. Meyer and C. Claire. Why is it that the former are relegated to small sites with modest readerships with the latter have big time book contracts and movies made out of their poopage?

Back to Seven Minutes. The premise is simple: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are long time friends who happen to end up getting shoved together by the powers that be (in this case, fate and some exceptionally pervy pals) into random closets and kissing games where they discover they actually like each other quite a bit.

The story begins with Katniss mentioning how Gale tried to kiss her when they were kids and subsequently brought her to her first boy/girl party when she was 12 years old. She meets Peeta Mellark there and eventually the two end up playing Spin the Bottle.

When the bottle landed on me, I was barely paying attention. In my curious examination of how everyone was interacting, I forgot to be afraid. To feel the nervous panic of knowing that, not only would I have to kiss someone, I'd also have to do it in front of an entire group of people. When Madge nudged me, I froze, my cheeks heating as the realization hit me. My eyes dropped to the bottle pointing straight at my shoes. I followed the line of it up to meet the eyes of everyone sitting across from me, all of them wearing shit-eating grins. Except for Peeta Mellark. He looked terrified.
He also had his hand poised in the air. Kind of like he had just spun that sinister amber bottle.
Katniss experiences her first kiss with Peeta, and afterward tries to avoid him due to pre-teen embarrassment. After the party, they each admit that they'd both shared a first kiss.

"Peeta," I started, and he shook his head to himself like he had earlier that evening. Before he could turn on his heel and never speak to me again, I finally managed to finish. "That was my first kiss, too." 
For a moment, he just breathed. I could see the air fill his lungs and lift his chest before he let it all out. "Oh." 
I shrugged again and kicked the same spot he had, unsure of what else to say. 
The silence went on so long, I had to look up to make sure Peeta was still even there. 
He was there. And he had a big, dopey smile on his face.

Squee! So cute. The descriptions the author uses are so evocative and adorable.

He nudged my nose with his just slightly before our lips pressed together. Like last time, he didn't press too hard or move them at all. Just set them against mine like it was their natural resting place.
Can it get more cute? No. No it can't.

And then we move forward past those first kisses to playing Seven Minutes in Heaven inside a closet. Bear in mind that this story focuses on these fleeting romantic encounters and while it does give us an excellent sense of who Katniss and Peeta are personality-wise, we're really here to ooh and ahh over their blossoming sweet love for each other (it's a one shot, not a novel. Though I could definitely stand it expanding into a novel.). Katniss is described as being more concerned with putting food on the table than finding boys to kiss, so we know she is true to character and not a silly, fluffy minded girl. Peeta is hesitant and subtle, just as he should be.

Time passes and the two again find each other at a party, this time hosted by Peeta. He's learned his lesson and has banned kissing and perv games from the gathering, but this doesn't stop him from bringing Katniss to his room for some very important kissing talking.

"When we were 12," he started, his voice low and serious, eyes unblinking, "I was gonna tell you you had pretty hair." My mouth dropped open, but he refused to let me interrupt, squeezing my waist to keep me quiet. "When we were 14, I was gonna tell you that smelled like wildflowers and honey. And when we were 16—" he trailed off, his grin turning roguish, "I was gonna tell you your ass looked amazing in those jeans." 
I grabbed a fistful of his hair and tugged until his grin broadened and his nose scrunched up. 
"What are you going to tell me now?" I asked, breath catching. 
He shrugged and screwed his face up in mock concentration. "That I like like you." He nudged my nose with his. "That you're more beautiful every time I see you…the closer I get." His hands trailed from my waist up my back, under my shirt. "That I want you."
Humina humina humina! And I do not use that word lightly.

Let's just say that the rest of the story is hot. I enjoyed the writing, the idea of exploring the characters as youths into young adulthood, and the sweetness and intact characterization.

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